What Ganiveteria Roca is


Ganiveteria Roca is a shop specialising in high-quality cutting tools. Among over 9,000 articles it is hard not to find the right instrument for every occasion. There are knives, scissors and razors for professionals and collectors, articles for personal grooming, household use, adventure, the hotel trade, healthcare and tailoring, and in particular shaving razors, the product that made the name of Can Solingen, as we are also known.

Founded in 1911 by Ramon Roca, the shop was run by members of the same family until the year 2000, when it passed into the hands of a group of cutlers. Ganiveteria Roca continues to combine the craft tradition of the guild of cutlers and the love for a job well done with the modernisation of the trade in accordance with new techniques. This is why it keeps its own workshop for sharpening, repairs and making pieces to order, trains its staff – authentic experts in cutting tools – and sells a brand belonging to the cutlers’ group of which it is part: Esteel.

A landmark in Barcelona


The establishment already has two visitor’s books bearing witness to the visits by famous people to this “trusted establishment”, as the inscription at the beginning calls it: Raimon, Lluís Llach, Pi de la Serra, the reverend Vidal Aunós, Màgic Andreu, Mary Sampere, Miquel Roca Junyent, Rodríguez Sahagún, Terenci Moix, Mario Vargas Llosa, José Luis López Vázquez, Bigas Luna, Marta Ferrusola, Josep Cuní, Àngels Gonyalons, Emma Vilarasau, Pere Ponce, Pere Molina, Quim Monzó, Tricicle, Aurora Altisent, Enrique Rubio, Natalia Verbeke and others.

It appears in various guides to Barcelona: Botigues de Barcelona [Shops of Barcelona] by Alexandre Cirici and Aurora Altisent, La otra Barcelona [The Other Barcelona] by Daniel Romaní, Tiendas curiosas [Curious Shops] by El País Aguilar or Guapos per sempre [Handsome for Ever] by Barcelona’s municipal urban landscape institute all include its history, which is also that of the city’s old quarter.

Awards and certificates


The shop windows of Ganiveteria Roca have won awards on several occasions.

The company also won the 1991 prize awarded by the small business association PIMEC to enterprising women and Barcelona city council’s “emblematic plaque” in recognition of “the continuity of Ganiveteria Roca, a business nearly a century old”.

The establishment is one of those chosen by the Barcelona municipal institute for urban landscape and quality of life as “Guapos per sempre” [“Handsome for ever”], for having managed, in the face of the challenge of modernisation, to preserve their identity, remaining true to their trade and also to their external image, becoming undisputed landmarks showing the vitality and personality of the city.



Since its foundation, Ganiveteria Roca has always imported cutting tools crafted by Europe’s leading manufacturers: Dreizack, Dovo and Dreitrum of Germany; Laguiole of France; Victorinox of Switzerland; Omega of Italy and Fiskars of Finland have helped to earn the shop’s professional prestige.

We work with the top brands and suppliers, to offer quality, reliable products.

We work with top brands:

Aitor, arcos, dreiturm, dovo, Fiskars, global, kai, Kyocera, moser, omega, rubíes, sam, VICTORINOX, wasa, Wüsthof

And also with other less well-known ones:

Boker, boj, 3 claveles, crkt, credo, cunill, dastra dick, dalia, miralls cam, exposito, Fischer, fox, frosts, garuti, gsd, idurgo, ilsa, jaguar, jamotec, joker, laguiole forge, laguiole aubrac, leatherman, led lenser, Leopold, lekue, maserin, marcato, menu, microplane, myrsol, moller, muela, nieto, niroflex, nontron, nogent, opinel, pallares, Peugeot, premax, promed, proraso, pujadas, pulltex, ritter, Robert david, rosle, le creuset, silicomart, spyderco, swann Norton, thiers, vacuvin, Valera, westmark, woll i zyliss.